It’s a baby, stupid!

October 2, 2009

It really is a baby at conception. There really is a heartbeat at 21 days and that indicates a living being.

I guess the pro choicers have to justify it some way, in order to live with the results of their decisions.   A baby is a living being at conception. Not at viability, but at conception.

This is an interesting article.


Contraception Deception:  The Abortion Rights Movement Plays Word Games to Hide Abortion

By Ruben Obregon

Abortion rights advocates have been accusing the pro-life movement of trying to redefine pregnancy and reclassify certain contraceptives as abortifacients. In essence, they have been charging that the movement has not been telling the truth about contraception but instead has been playing word games in an effort to ban it.

The truth is, it was the abortion rights and family planning movements that have been playing word games for the past few decades, and the pro-life movement is simply trying to correct the damage.

This decades old controversy revolves around the definition of a single word: conception.

Up until the mid sixties, the question of the beginning of pregnancy wasn’t a subject of serious debate. It was well accepted, based upon sound science, that, that conception occurred at fertilization (that is, the union of sperm and egg).

Pro-life advocates are not changing definitions – they are simply restoring them to their scientific meanings, free of agenda driven bias. If the pro-choice crowd can’t do this because many contraceptives would be known as abortion drugs, that is no one’s fault but their own.

Note: The No Room for Contraception Campaign is developing an educational campaign to restore the scientific definitions of conception and pregnancy, expose the deceitful word games of the ACOG, and to inform the public that many contraceptives are also abortifacients. To participate in this effort, sign up at


[1] Public Health Service Leaflet no. 1066, US Dept of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1963, 27

[2] American College of Gynecology Terminology Bulletin (September 1965)

[3] The official Plan B website, “For Prescribers: How Plan B Works”.


Ruben Obregon is the the President and co-founder of No Room for Contraception.  He has worked in the pro-family movement for the past 16 years on issues ranging from education to marriage.


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