Nobel Peace Prize….

October 9, 2009

It mean absolutely nothing anymore.  And hasn’t for quite some time

One man won for his decades long work.

I guess it’s ok for the left to hate President Bush, and no one says a word, but it’s not ok for the right to hate President Obama??  Who’s being a hypocrite here??

Where is the honor in being given something you haven’t earned??

If  Obama had any character, he would tell the committee they made a mistake.  But of course, he won’t do that.

I mean, Arafat won a Nobel–WHY???? What exactly did he ever do to create peace??

And Jimmy Carter?? The liar Jimmy Carter?

You must visit this site–it lists the Nobel Peace Prize winners in alphabetical order and if you click on the name–the history is shown and why they received the Prize.


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