Have we lost all control here??

October 13, 2009

This is sheer insanity!! Did one of the adults involved with this think to themselves that maybe this little guy wasn’t a threat to anyone?? did they think to themselves to maybe just take the utensil and hold it til the end of the day??

It’s the same thing with tylenol.  The people in charge at the schools think it’s a narcotic for a teenaged girl to take a tylenol or two for cramps.

It’s absolutely insane and the zero tolerance policy needs a closer look and a revision.


The Menace of Overeager Cub Scouts

You don’t need police training to tell the difference between an overeager Cub Scout with a nifty camping tool and a budding thug who brings a switchblade to school in anticipation of a fight.

Newark, Delaware, 6-year-old Zachary Christie was so excited about the all-in-one eating tool he got when he joined the Cub Scouts that he brought it to school so he could use it at lunch. Anyone familiar with the “zero tolerance” idiocy that has swept the nation in the last decade can guess what happened after that. The only real question is whether Zachary was expelled or merely suspended. Answer: He was suspended for 45 days. But he might have been better off if he had been expelled, because a new state law gives school officials some discretion in expulsion cases involving students who unknowingly violate rules against weapons and drugs. The legislators neglected to address suspensions. The front-page New York Times story about the incident quotes “zero tolerance” defenders who say distinguishing among offenders based on intent can be dangerous:

Jacob Sullum is a Senior Editor at Reason magazine. Read more at reason.com.


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