Racism from black people?

October 16, 2009

Yes, racism is alive and well in the black community.

I find it extremely sad that because someone doesn’t agree with the Presidents policies, that they are labeled racist.  And I find it even more sad that one black person is telling another to “go back to the porch”.


O’Reilly Guest To Juan Williams: ‘Go Back To the Porch’

Photo of Mark Finkelstein.
By Mark Finkelstein
October 16, 2009 – 00:05 ET

The debate over Rush Limbaugh’s NFL bid is roiling the racial landscape. This evening, after Juan Williams explained that Rush’s “Barack the Magic Negro” parody was based on a column by an African-American author, a black radio talk show host told Williams to “go back to the porch.” [H/t NB readers Tracy B. and Ken T.]

Warren Ballantine uttered the insult on this evening’s O’Reilly Factor:

BALLANTINE: You can go back to the porch, Juan. You can go back. It’s OK.

Mark Finkelstein is a NewsBusters contributing editor and host of Right Angle. Contact him at mark@gunhill.net.


One Response to “Racism from black people?”

  1. csphoenix Says:

    This is my take with regards to this post – it is NOT directed at the author of this blog but to AMERICA on the subject of racism. 🙂

    Racism is not acceptable from anyone — regardless of who they are or what skin tone they have!!! I am sick of everyone everywhere turning everything into a racial matter! Now, there are some incidents that really are racial — these should not be tolerated and need to stop! We are Americans and we have enough countries and other cultures hating us and trying to destroy us, so we need to come together as Americans to strengthen out country!! It kills me that other countries and cultures sit back and and say, “we don’t have to do anything, they are destroying themselves!” This is more true than it should be — wake up America!!!!

    Many are made by those in the public eye and quickly magnified by the press — but these public figures should be severely punished (from majorly fined to being fired) because they should not spew hate and bigotry to the masses they know are listening/watching!

    It is ok to disagree with the President or any other public figure, but when a person includes racial slurs, derogatory name calling/comments/etc., then this definitely CROSSES THE LINE! First, I personally hate the term Negro because it spawned the “N” word and is also used as the same intended insult. Why do Americans insist on labeling each other by race, skin tone, or “racial title”??? I am an American … nothing more and nothing less! I refuse to check those blocks of race/ethnicity because I think most of us would find that we have a variety of mixed race/ethnicities in our family trees (whether you want to face it and admit it or not … there are too many “family secrets” that go back to the time of Native American days and then later the slave days.) WE ARE AMERICANS, plain and simple … get over it!!!!

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