Answer me this please……

October 17, 2009

Someone please explain to me why the extreme left thinks FOX NEWS is entertainment??

Just look at some of the stories that the other cable news has covered.  I mean, CNN doing a FACT check on a SNL skit??   That’s news???

I think the WH and extreme left are afraid of FOX NEWS exposing all the thugs in the current administrations cabinet and they don’t like being called on it!  And then when they are called out on a cabinet member or czar, they blame it on racism!!!

How is that working out for them??  I mean what president likes being called out on his cabinet members??

Yet they are upset with  a news organization that is actually telling the truth, yet they want to squash it and make FOX NEWS seem illegitimate.

I have news for them all.  Someone is watching FOX NEWS!!

Unlike CNN or PMSNBC.   Their ratings are in the toilet and they are all just extended arms of the WH machine.


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