October 22, 2009

That’s the name of the game with the current administration. That’s what the brouhaha is all about with FOX NEWS and the White House.

Axelrod and Emmanuel go on the Sunday morning news shows and blather on about FOX NEWS and it’s gets everyone thinking all about that instead of the reall, current issues, like HEALTH CARE REFORM.

Distract, the name of the game, except it isn’t working.


The American public is a whole lot more aware, and smarter, than the current administration thinks we are.

And the American citizens are getting tired of getting the run around about all the issues on the table.  And, we are tired of all the NON transparency and all the mystery surrounding Obama.  Who actually campaigned on transparency etc.  That’s a joke.

I wonder what he is hiding?? Cuz it won’t stay hidden long.

And, almost everyone in this current administration are acting like children who don’t get their own way.  Really.  How utterly childish of them. Though I shouldn’t be surprised since none of them have actually been in charge of running anything in their lives.


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