October 22, 2009

It just can’t work with the numbers the current administration is providing.  It will go way over budget,  just as medicare has done.  And the state of Massachusetts “Romney care” has done.   But the plan in Massachusetts is really just a health insurance overhaul that has bankrupted the state.

And here’s a newsflash:  Not everyone has insurance.  Just 96 percent do at a cost much higher than they would have paid.

It’s ridiculous that Pelosi and Reid want to keep trying to push this through when they have to know it won’t work!!

Read these articles, well worth the time spent on them.



Massachusetts health law serves as a model and a warning


— Three years ago, Massachusetts passed the most sweeping health care law in the country, adopting a plan that closely resembles the proposals being considered by Congress — and a plan that now offers powerful “lessons learned” for the nation.

The Massachusetts system, like the proposals moving toward votes in the House and Senate, focused on three goals: making medical insurance nearly universal, fostering competition through a regulated insurance exchange, and helping low-income workers pay for coverage…………….

Moreover, although the subsidized plans cover only about 3 percent of the 5.4 million in the state who have health insurance, the subsidies are estimated to carry a price tag of $1.3 billion by 2011, double the cost in 2007.


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