Book Reviews

October 23, 2009

A couple of books worth reading.

Bernie Goldberg’s “A Slobbering Love Affair”  It talks about the media bias.   And make no mistake,  there is a media bias here in the USA.

I know a woman who works in the industry,  and she assured me that anyone hired at FNC were told to be biased.  I just replied with an “OK”, but privately I was rolling my eyes.  I mean how far to the far left do you have to be to believe that??

This book is about Bill O’Reilly.  The author spent a lot of time with Bill and a lot of Bill’s friends,  co workers,  family and ex co workers.  I happen to like Bill O’reilly.   I think he’s honest and up front and really tries to help people and get a message across.  Mostly a message of what is really going on,  and I admire that.  And,   he reminds me of my dad!


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