October 27, 2009

“One dead,  one wounded”

This is an absolutely true statement.   The baby is dead and the mother is wounded.  Emotionally, and physically.  Some people don’t believe that abortion harms the mother,  but it is true.

Abortion is murder. A baby is a baby at conception whether people choose to believe that or not,  it is the truth.

There has been some talk recently about the Kennedy’s and how they are for abortion but how can that be if they are Catholic?

They can be for seperation of church and state and that’s how they rationalize being pro abortion.

Personally they can believe it’s wrong and still be pro abortion.  But they want women to have the choice of killing their babies.

So, if you are pro abortion, or pro choice,  you are anti life.   It’s just that simple and people should just accept it.  But the left gets up in arms about that,  saying all sorts of terrible things if you don’t believe in abortion.  Let ’em,  they only have to live with themselves and look in the mirror at their murderous faces each day.

Abortion = MURDER.  It’s killing a live baby.


7 Responses to “Abortion”

  1. S.A. DUFFY Says:


    And, why is it that those people are always for the separation of church and state except when the state tries to dictate what the church does?

  2. R.A Says:

    Has anyone here every been in an unwanted pregnancy situation?

  3. antiwasp Says:

    It’s just a matter of perspective. If I bust a nut in a sock am I a baby killer by way of sperm? -antiwasp.wordpress.com

  4. redfinch Says:

    Antiwasp–are you serious? Last time I checked, a sperm alone is not a conception, therefore not a child. Get real.

  5. Lily Says:

    I disagree. I believe that women have the right to choose whether or not they want to keep the child. Although I myself would never get an abortion. I have 3 kids and I love them. But for some women it is not the right time to have a child.

  6. redfinch Says:

    Lily, you can disagree all you want but it is still a baby at conception.

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