RINO hunting.

October 29, 2009

<Guest post>

We don’t donate to the RNC or other organizations.

I’m tired of them putting up people like Dede Scozzofava under the Republican banner.  Yeah, when I think of a Republican I think of people endorsed by the Working Families Party and Planned Parenthood, who favor card check, the stimuluspalooza bill, tax increases and other things.  This race in upstate New York has a Republican candidate with positions to the LEFT of the Democrat!  The national party is spending hundreds of thousands to prop up this loser while attacking Doug Hoffman, a solid conservative running under the Conservative Party banner.

People like Newt Gingrich want us to just shut up and vote for the (R) by the name.  I think you need to BE an (R) before you get our money or our endorsement.

I’m only going to support individual candidates who support my beliefs, and that includes those in primary races who are challenging RINOs.  There’s plenty of those out there and they need to be culled!

Ads like this, which Dede is attacking as a “dirty trick”, tell the story.  http://www.politico.com/blogs/scorecard/1009/Republican_dirty_tricks_in_NY_23.html

Leave it to a liberal to say that accurately stating her position is a “dirty trick.”


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