Hope and change??

October 30, 2009

I want my change back.  And my hope.


I believe we have a president who doesn’t actually know how to run the country.

His “fundamental changes” are ruining this country.

He has done absolutely nothing to move forward.  The administration is chock full of “progressives”.  To me, that means absolutely nothing.  I am not impressed with what has happened in the last ten months.

Where is the transparency??  It’s not there,   everything has been done in secrecy.  Even the resignations of his czars and cabinet members have been at midnight on a holiday weekend.

Where is all the discussion about health reform on CSPAN??  BO promised there would be everyone at the table for the health reform negotiations.  AND he promised it would be on CSPAN for all of us to watch.   AND,  he told us that all the bills would be posted on the internet for us to read!!

NONE of this has happened.  I have lost hope.

I want my change back.

Ten months into it and he needs to start taking some responsibility.  It this had been a Republican administration pulling this crap, there would be an outcry from every corner of the nation.  From all the press and critics too.



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