Soldier of Allah indeed…………..

November 14, 2009

I find it hard to believe that Nidal Hasan got by so many people.  With all his radical ideas,   that he spoke about freely to seemingly anyone and everyone,  how in the world did someone NOT say anything about him??

Someone,  or many someones dropped the ball here.

But you know what?? Political Correctness has gone entirely too far when a fellow officer will not report eratic behavior by a radical muslim because he feared being called a muslim hater.  So, look what happened!! FOURTEEN innocent people killed in a jihad.  By one lone radical muslim terrorist.

Because in Hasan’s own words,  he was a muslim first and an american second.  WHY in the world would he join the army then?? Unless his intentions were to carry out jihad all along and he was just waiting for the right time.

Here is a picture of his professional card.  Note the letters SoA (SWT) below his name.   And NO ONE noticed this…..,2933,574546,00.html

Hasan Called Himself ‘Soldier of Allah’ on Business Cards

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The business cards were among numerous discoveries in Hasan’s apartment of interest to investigators, who also are looking into whether Hasan wired money to Pakistan before last week’s massacre.


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