November 23, 2009

Let me just add that General Casey is a whackjob.

Maybe if the officers at Walter Reed hadn’t been too cowardly to report Hasan,  maybe there wouldn’t be 3 dead soldiers,  and don’t forget the baby,  along with all the wounded at Fort Hood.  Just maybe……


The Elephant in the Room: Diversity, but at what cost?

Political correctness in the military is not merely absurd. It’s dangerous.

By Rick Santorum

Six U.S. Naval Academy students were to form the color guard at Game 2 of the World Series, played Oct. 29 at Yankee Stadium. Everything was going fine until the academy brass discovered something terribly amiss, and Capt. Matthew Klunder jumped into action. Klunder, the commandant of midshipmen, ordered that two members of the color guard be replaced.Were the midshipmen cut because of incompetence? Was there some disciplinary problem? No. They were benched because they are – white men. The Naval Academy’s top officials had decided the color guard needed a white woman and a Pakistani American man for the sake of “diversity.”……………………………………

It’s not a critical national-security matter when a few white male midshipmen almost get bounced from a color guard. After the Fort Hood killings, however, we should look at the military’s blind commitment to “diversity” and see if it’s blinding us to the obvious – and the dangerous.

Rick Santorum can be reached at rsantorum@phillynews.com.

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