December 2, 2009

This is an interesting site.

It appears to be a site to watch all the wrongs against Islam and Muslims.

Boohoo.  My thought is, if you can’t conform to the rules or ways of the nation you choose to live in, then don’t whine about it.  Not all nations are Muslim nations,  nor do they want to be muslim nations.   That means that most nations in the west do not want to become muslim nations and follow Sharia law.

Assimilate is the name of the game.   There have been many many ethnic groups that have moved to different countries that have assimilated with no issues.   Mostly because they want to be a part of the new nation they have moved to.

Again,  like a thought I had in a previous post,  I wonder if these muslim nations would treat us as well as we treat muslims in our nation?   Somehow I really really doubt it.   I know for a fact we could not build a church and openly worship Jesus.   We would be persecuted heartily.  I am pretty sure I would not be allowed to worship 3-5 times a day at work either.

My last thought is:  assimilate or go back home.   We are not a muslim country and don’t want to become one.   That is what upsets muslims,  we don’t want to become a muslim nation!!   Don’t foist your Islam upon my nation—it is not welcome.


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