East is east and west is west

December 13, 2009

And never the twain shall meet.

I agree with this.  Islam is taking over Europe and Europe is waking up.

Islams goal is to conquer the whole world,   and that is exactly what is happening in Europe,  and beginning to happen in North America and all over the world.  This is the goal of Islam.

People think the Swiss are intolerant.  I don’t think they are and I agree with their recent election to ban minarets.  And if the Muslims don’t like it,  they can go back home.  Does that sound closed minded??  Too damn bad.  Because I can guarantee you that whatever country a muslim has moved to is a damn site better than the country they came from!!

Again,  people need to assimilate and not actually take over a country and change the history of the country.  Sound closed minded? Too damn bad.

Forty four and forty one percent of a nation saying they don’t want Islam is very significant!


How Much Allah Can the Old Continent Bear?


Switzerland’s recent vote to ban the construction of new minarets has shocked and angered Muslims around the world. But the controversial move also reflects a growing sense of unease among other Europeans who have trouble coming to terms with Islam’s increased visibility.

In the small Swiss town of Langenthal, the battle over the minarets has been fought, and there seems to be no hope of reconciliation between the victors and the vanquished. “I feel abused and injured as a person,” says Mutalip Karaademi. “We wanted to hit a symbol,” says Daniel Zingg, “and we hit it.”


Translated from the German by Paul Cohen


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