B plus?

December 14, 2009

(Guest Poster)

President Obama was asked today to grade his first year in office.  He gave himself a B+, but it would have been an A- if health care was passed.

Excuse me?

I give him a D+, and then only because he eventually did the right thing on Afghanistan.

He takes credit for stabilizing the economy after the financial crisis, but then states *only* $5 billion was spent by HIS administration.  I guess if TARP worked, you have to give George W. Bush credit for it then.

The economy kept going DESPITE Obama.  The “stimulus” package?  $750 billion of Democratic dream handouts, payoffs and pork, of which only $200Bn has been spent.  If the economy is doing so well, why not just cancel the rest of it before saddling our children with the extra debt?

Jobs?  The biggest thing holding the job market back right now IS Obama.  No one is going to hire when there is so much uncertainty about future tax rates, health care costs, and the payoffs to the unions.

If you want the economy to recover, here’s MY plan.

– Stop talking about spending trillions on health care takeovers, Stimulus II (Return of Pork) and cap and trade.

– Immediately stop spending money authorized in the stimulus plan.

– When TARP money is returned, apply it to deficit reduction instead of justifying more spending with it.

– Commit to not raising taxes for the next 24 months.  I know, tax cuts stimulate economic growth, but at this point I’ll settle for not making things worse.

There is still time to stop this madness.  Contact your Representatives and Senators and tell them the first step when you have a deficit is to stop spending!


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