Looks like the honeymoon is over

January 8, 2010

Maybe.  Some of the Dems have been announcing their retirement.   Who retires out of the senate after a career spent there??  Not too many of them.  Until now.  They know that in  the mid term elections later this year that they are going to get their butts handed to them.

People are tired of the way they have been underhandedly conducting business.

And polls show that the majority of Americans DO NOT want the health care to pass.  But the Dems seem to be hellbent on jamming it down our throats come hell or highwater.

CNN is even getting in on the action.  Seems they are dissing BO too lately.

Here is Jack Cafferty of CNN voicing his displeasure with the current administration.


Jack Cafferty Speaks Truth to Power

Cafferty hopes voters remember “this crap” when it comes time to vote. Indeed, they will.

Obama and the Democrats have been doing some impressive work. They ticked off Cafferty, a big time liberal. And they ticked off Brian Lamb of C-Span, who has made his career being painfully non-partisan.


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