Cuz, you know, we are so greedy in the USA

January 15, 2010

I am the first to admit we can be a greedy nation.

Yes,   we consume a lot.

Yes, we are spoiled.  I mean there is a gas station and a grocery store on every corner.  We can purchase what we want,  when we want, twenty-four hours a day!!

BUT, we are also a giving nation.  In times of trouble,  like the Tsunami,  Haiti, Katrina,  and China recently when they had an earthquake,  Americans reach deep into their pockets to give.

The USA polices the whole world.  We are a great nation despite what our current president and his cabinet think and say to the rest of the world.

Americans give!!

I believe we need to do more in our own country.  We certainly have homeless people and people living in poverty.   But that doesn’t mean we can’t help our own country too.

Some poorer nations  have governments that are so corrupt that no matter how much you try to help,  it will never be enough. The aid will never get to the people that need it!

And that is what truly saddens me.


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