Yes, it was in fact a terrorist attack

January 18, 2010

So, they finally admit that what happened at Ft. Hood was in fact an act of terrorism.

Why am I not surprised?  Because most of us knew from the moment it happened that it was an act of terror.  The biggest clue was when Hasan yelled Allahu Ahkbar.  Big clue there.

Friday Night Document Dump: Now They Tell Us — Ft. Hood Was Terrorism

Posted by Michael Walsh Jan 15th 2010 at 4:42 pm

Remember back in November when Major Malik Nadal Hasan went on a shooting rampage on the Army base at Fort Hood, Tex., and the media’s first impulse was to reflexively wonder why he had done it?  Was it because he was about to be deployed overseas?  Was it because, as an Army psychiatrist, he had snapped under the pressure of de-briefing psychologically shattered soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and was thus suffering from a hitherto-unknown psychological condition called “Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”?


Typical was The Christian Science Monitor:

According to reports, Mr. Hasan desperately wanted to avoid being deployed to a war zone. While there appeared to be several reasons for this, including a conviction that he was a victim of harassment, he was also troubled by the stories he heard from overseas.

Maj. Hasan was a Muslim terrorist, either sent to infiltrate the Army and attack it from within, or radicalized while in the service and ordered to kill as many Americans as he could before this “Soldier of Allah” became the latest martyr for Islam.


One Response to “Yes, it was in fact a terrorist attack”

  1. S. A. Says:

    This garbage is going to continue until people in this country stop trying to tiptoe around the subject. Too many people in a position of power are too worried about offending everyone (unless the offended are devout Christians) and not worried enough about keeping us safe. Obviously, not all muslims are terrorists, but the terrorists are all muslim. If the terrorists were all Irish-Catholics, you can bet that there’d be no problem among the powers that be calling terrorism what it really is.

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