February 16, 2010

I cannot believe that our esteemed President does NOT know the difference between CORPSMAN (pronounced CORMAN) and CORPSEMAN (pronounced CORPSMAN).

REALLY??? Seriously?? And he said it three times in a row.

Now I realize this isn’t the biggest deal in going on in the world right now but it is a huge faux pas, especially to military personnel.

And I know it seems a little petty to argue the point,  but lets remember back to President Bush’s terms as president when all the news media,   and other idiots flamed Bush for pronouncing words incorrectly.

I say what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander.  In other words,  if you flame one president,  flame them all.

Having served in the military,  I believe this is a slap in the face to anyone that has served or is serving in the armed forces.

Oh, and apparently this wasn’t the first time he had mispronounced this particular word. He did it back in October of 2009.  And none of his very intelligent advisors, speechewriters and henchmen caught it then either.

Video flashback: Obama botched “corpseman” before

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 10, 2010 01:04 PM

Turns out it wasn’t just a one-off flub. President Obama mispronounced “corpseman” before last week’s gaffe-a-thon….on October 26, 2009 during a speech to graduates of the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.


One Response to “Really???”

  1. S. A. Says:

    It’s a faux pas that only someone in elementary school or maybe even middle school would make. It’s appalling to me that a PRESIDENT, much less any politician of the free world could make such a mistake.

    We’ve got to get this guy OUT in 2012!

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