Government waste…

March 10, 2010

I received a letter the other day from the government informing me that my census packet would be arriving in my mailbox later in the month.

WHY??  Why would the government waste all that money sending out a stupid letter like that?? WHY?

Is there not ONE person in the government offices that said this is a huge waste of money?? Not one person said WAIT, THIS IS  A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY???

I am just stumped by our government for doing this.  What an enormous waste of money that could be spend on something actually worthwhile.

Oh,   and the government did the same thing with the stimulus checks.  They sent a letter ahead of time informing us that our checks would be in the mail soon.



2 Responses to “Government waste…”

  1. S.A. Says:

    I had a similar thought the other day when we received our letter. But my thinking was more along the lines of: I’m sick of all this hype! Just send me the dang census and get it over with already. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, STOP WASTING MY TAX DOLLARS!

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