Bertha Lewis should be proud

April 23, 2010

I guess I don’t understand why people think that the Tea Party is full of racists?  Since when is someone a racist if they disagree with someone else?

It all comes down to our President being a half black president. So,  since people disagree with him,  because he is black, are racists!  It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  Especially since people said the same and actually worse things about President Bush.  But none of that was really reported by the lamestream media.  Just like it’s ok for the left to call Bush’s administration a regime,  but people are racist when they call Obama’s administration a regime.

Double standard much??

Anyway,  here is Bertha with her filthy mouth.

ACORN CEO: Tea Parties a ‘Bowel Movement,’ Future Will Be Worse Than Segregation

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said the times people are living in now will “dwarf” the periods of segregation and McCarthyism. And she pointed to the Tea Party movement — or “bowel movement,” in her words — as a harbinger of the persecution to come.

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis talks to the Young Democratic Socialists. (YouTube)


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