Papers please?

April 28, 2010

Yes sir.

Doesn’t this happen every time you get pulled over by the police or state patrol??

Yes,  it does.  The officer asks you for your license and car registration,  and proof of insurance.  Those are your “papers”.

Millions of law abiding citizens do this all the time.  Show me your papers.

Show me your papers is not some evil, vile, Nazi thing at all.

Any people that are legally in this country are happy to do this.  It;s the only way the police can go about their business of giving you a ticket.

But the people on the left are saying that this is such a huge,  big deal when really it isn’t.

The fact remains that by being in this country illegally,  the illegals are breaking our laws.   And using our resources.

In the case of Mexico,  if you were to go visit Mexico,  you would need to show your “papers” to the Mexican authorities and if you didn’t have the proper documentation,  you would be thrown into jail or sent back home.

All Arizona wants to do is exactly what the Federal government is supposed to do but is refusing to do.

We only want the Feds to protect us like they are supposed to do.  If they can’t or won’t,  the states have a right to do that.

There is absolutely nothing evil about having to show your papers.  We do it every day.


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