Crime Inc.

April 30, 2010

You must read this from Glenn Beck.  And if you don’t watch his show,  start watching it NOW.   He has a ton of info on the current administration.

Crime Inc.

April 30, 2010 – 1:04 ET

On Monday, we gave you a story and explained that you can’t have financial regulation done by the crooks and thieves we currently have in Washington, D.C. The best way I can explain it is with George Clooney.

We did a little digging and followed the money and the answers tell a familiar story. And before we get going on this, I just want to warn you: If there’s one thing I’m learning about progressives, they really like creating groups. They’ve got tons of them and it seems they just pass the money from one to the next. It’s almost like money laundering. It’s why health care can pass: You don’t know what the hell anyone is talking about and everyone always sounds so happy. Words and names of groups mean nothing. Unfortunately for them, people’s faces still matter. We know them by reputation.


One Response to “Crime Inc.”

  1. S.A. Says:

    I watched that show. It was excellent! It cracks me up how so many people call him so many creative names to imply he’s an insane liar and yet he’s the one speaking the truth. Thank God for him.

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