Another reason for senate term limits…….

July 5, 2010

Senator Byrd.  He served over SIXTY YEARS in the senate.

I don’t even know where to begin with this post about the “esteemed” senator.

Let’s start with his KKK involvement,  for which he is very “sorry, and regrets his involvement”.

Understand that the KKK was started by the Democrats to prevent Blacks and republicans from voting. The KKK hung white republicans right along side blacks.  And in my opinion,  the were the fore runner to the union thugs,  specifically the present day SEIU.

Byrd actually started a chapter of KKK in his beloved WV.

Also reading his wiki page is worthwhile.

He also used the term “white nigger” on national television several years ago and barely one word was said to him.  He made  a written apoplogy.

Then we need to talk about his civil rights leanings.  He actually filibustered  the civil rights of the early 1960’s.   He absolutely did not want blacks to have rights,  rights that were afforded black people in the early part of our nation but that democrats refused to blacks because after the Civil War, blacks were typically republicans.  And there were a lot of freed slaves in the south that voted republican.   The democratic party halted the rights of the black person for EIGHTY SEVEN YEARS!!

Not only did he vote against confirming Clarence Thomas as a Supreme court justice because he was a black man.  He also voted against confirming Thurgood Marshall for the same reason!!  And Marshall was even a beloved democrat!!

This is an interesting article to read about the gentleman from West Virginia.

And yet another eye opening article.

And one more tidbit about him. This from the esteemed former President Clinton–who defends Byrds KKK participation and racism.

May the racist gentleman* from West Virginia rest in peace.

* there is a rule in congress that senators are not to be referred to as “you” or Mr Byrd.  When someone is on the floor speaking about some other senator,  they refer to him as “the gentleman from______”


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