This guy cannot be serious………..

July 9, 2010

Can he??  Didn’t his buddy King Samir Shabazz just say that he hated all the white people–or crackers as he called them?

Isn’t that racist and race baiting and just downright awful stuff to say??

I mean he also said that the black people needed to KILL WHITE BABIES!!!

How can that even remotely be acceptable to ANYONE??

Gee, it sure sounds like a right wing conspiracy to me.  How about YOU??

I guess nothing this thug-like administration,  that is full of crooks,  does should shock me anymore.  But it continues to do just that.  It seems to me that this current administration is doing everything in it’s power to renew difficulties between black and white people.  It’s doing a terrific job at it too!!!

When asked whether Samir Shabazz is a racist, Malik Shabazz said, “I can’t speak for him on that. I would say the New Black Panther Party is not a hate group or a racist organization.”  Uhhuh.  Sure.

New Black Panther Leader Defends Group in Voter Intimidation Case

Published July 09, 2010


The chairman of the New Black Panther Party, in an interview Friday with Fox News, defended his group amid an uproar over a voter intimidation case dropped by the Obama administration, a move that an ex- Justice Department official alleges was for racial reasons.

Malik Zulu Shabazz distanced himself from the actions of Minister King Samir Shabazz, seen in an amateur video from November 2008 brandished a billy club at a Philadelphia polling station, an incident that led to charges of coercion, threats and intimidation. The Black Panther chairman told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that the actions caught on video “were outside of organizational policy.”

Go read the article!!


One Response to “This guy cannot be serious………..”

  1. S.A. Says:

    Don’t you know? It’s not racism if it’s hatred against WHITE people. It’s only racism if the hatred is aimed at blacks, Latinos or Muslims. Silly you!

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