Three book reviews..

July 12, 2010

The first one is :

This is a great book that tells a lot about black people in our history!!  I had no idea that black people served in the Revolutionary War and that they served in the house and senate and as trusted aides to Presidents–until after the Civil war when the southern democrats formed the KKK to prevent Blacks,  and Republicans from voting.

White republicans were regularly lynched right along side black people too, by the KKK in it’s early days.

The southern democrats prevented any civil rights for blacks from moving forward for almost NINETY YEARS after the civil war.

The esteemed Mr. Byrd filibustered against black civil rights in 1964! Go Mr. Byrd!!!

It is well written and very informative.  Made me think twice about how people, especially Bill Clinton and BO, eulogized Robert Byrd.

I give this book FIVE stars!!

The second book is:

Everyone that I know that read this book raved about it.  It was an ok book IMO.  It was well written compared to his other books that are all over the place.

It reads like one of his shows though. Exactly.  BUT, to save this book from a THREE star rating,  is the page after page of links to real references in the back of the book.  I found that very interesting.

I rate this book FOUR stars.

This last book I picked up at the used bookstore and it was well worth the money spent.

This book was a huge eye opener for me.  I clearly remember following this on the new.  Patty Hearst’s trial and all.

These people were all crooks and terrorists.  They killed people for not thinking like them.  It was really sad.  And to think that some of these same people are good buddies with our esteemed president. It just baffles the mind really.

The fact that Kathleen Soliah changed her name,  borrowed a passport and did good deeds over seas and in Minnesota does NOT exonerate her from her crimes.

The fact that she lived free of her crimes for almost 25 years and then cried that she was treated like a criminal when she was caught is again–mind baffling.

The fact that she is still unrepentant is mind boggling.  But then again,  I suppose if you think you’ve done nothing wrong,   you would be unrepentant.  And she is a liar.  Her whole life since the 1970’s has been a huge lie.

Sounds like some of her other buddies too. William Ayers, Bernadine Dorn et al..

This was an excellent read and I would recommend it to anyone to learn about the domestic terrorist we have living here.

Though Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson disgusts me to my core being, I was glad to come across this book.  I am glad she was caught and am only sorry she roamed free to do her damage for so long and paid such a pitiful price for her crimes.

I give this book FIVE stars.


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