Mel Gibson and the New Black Panthers

July 13, 2010

Clearly Mel is a racist and has issues.  Just listen to his most recent rantings. It’s all over the news,  I’m sure you’ve heard it all since it’s all over the news. And this isn’t the first time Mel has ranted his racist, hateful and piggish rants.

Then you have King Samir Shabazz,  from the New Black Panthers ranting racist, hateful and piggish  remarks about white people, crackers and killing white babies!!  It’s not the first time for him either.

Where is all the rage towards Shabazz’s hateful, racist speech??

Which one have you heard about on the news?? Or on any cable news show other than on FOX NEWS??  Have any of the nightly news programs covered this terroristic mans rantings and hate speech like they have covered Mel??  The answer is NO, they absolutely have not.

Have any newspapers covered Shabazz’s rantings like they have covered Mel??  The answer is NO,  they absolutely have not.

We have to ask ourselves WHY.  What in the world is going on with this administration???

Here is one article about an ex DOJ employee who states that Eric Holder will not prosecute blacks.

This is a good article to read

And one last blog article to read


One Response to “Mel Gibson and the New Black Panthers”

  1. Alex Yeager Says:

    This isn’t so much to do with this administration. The medias black out or blatant disregard on queen shitbagzz violent propaganda and anti-white hate speech is nothing new. This kind of media bias has been going on for decades, literally. There is something very wrong today, like yesterday, and I do not believe it’s by accident. It’s by design. By whom though and why?

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