Three book reviews

August 25, 2010

This was an excellent book to read. I learned so much reading it.

This book was originally printed in 1848.

I learned what happened to these men that fought for our independence. I learned that they were not all rich white men that were slave owners. I learned that these brave men gave their own money to help the cause of our country. I learned where these men were born and where they were educated and I learned about their families.

For just one example, Samuel Adams was dirt poor. The people of his town gave him his clothes, wigs, shoes, bags, horses and money to make his way to Philadelphia to congress to plan for our country.

What I wonder is: why aren’t the kids taught this stuff now??

This book was written about the wives of the signers.  It too was an excellent book to read. Full of interesting facts about the wives of the signers.

This book was originally printed in 1912.

I had no idea that some of the wives were captured by the British during the revolution and held captive. And they were not treated very well at all. Some of them were traded for British prisoners.

A lot of these brave women were left alone for years to run the farms and plantations while their husbands went about the business of making our country. They lived a tough life, but they all did it for our country.

A lot of these families lost their homes and all their money.

I have a new respect for these men and women that helped found our great nation. I wonder how many people today would go through the same things?

This was another very enlightening book.  Of course it was written from a conservatives perspective.

What I found the most  interesting was the story of George Soros.  How he has profitted from the heartache of others.

Michael Moore has ranted about Halliburton and yet he owns stock in the company.

Nancy Pelosi rails about the unions yet her properties and wineries employ exactly NO union member.

Not to mention all the Hollyweird folks who go to Canada to make their movies because it’s cheaper and they get a tax break.

It’s like all the lefty whacko environmentals that say, “drive small cars, have tiny homes, don’t reproduce, don’t fly etc,  blah, blah, blah” yet they all have mansions,  drive huge vehicles and fly in private jets.

Hypocrisy?? Or just elitism? “I can do it but you, little tiny peon, cannot do it or you will pay.”

It’s a very interesting read. I am half tempted to read Al Franken’s “liar” book because he is absolutely one of the biggest liars and hypocrits around.

I would highly recommend any of these books if you want a quick and very informative read.