Answer this please

September 9, 2010

Where are all the churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia? Iran? Kuwait? Egypt?  Well, Egypt does have some persecuted Christians living there.

How about Indonesia? Turkey? Algeria? Morocco?  Yemen? Somolia?

The majority of countries I just named kill Christians or converts.

Where are all the visitors to Mecca? You know, the Christian or Jewish visitors to Mecca?? Oh, well, people other then Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca.

Where is the tolerance and acceptance in the Muslim world for Christianity or Jews??

Why can’t we build churches or synagogues in those countries???  Because we are not permitted to. That’s why.

Yet we have to accept everything that Islam shoves down our throats or be called Islamaphobes.

Does anyone besides me see the hypocrisy in all this?????


One Response to “Answer this please”

  1. bdrex Says:

    Yes, Islam has problems in my opinion. However, we cannot pick and choose who gets to express their views, otherwise we become like them.

    Education, honest, without being afraid to criticise is the key to stopping them from ruining our rights.

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