Just because it is bothering me………..

October 20, 2010

Recently I was talking with a Black person. Or an African American, or whatever word you use to describe black people.

This person said to me that she does not like being identified as a black person because it has no connection to anything. Whereas African American does have a connection–the African connection.

That’s ok with me. If she doesn’t want to be identified by her skin color, I am absolutely ok with that.

But then don’t call me White. I am an AMERICAN. I am not “just” white. WHITE has absolutely no connection to anything.

After all, she said, people from Japan are referred to as Japanese, people from China are referred to as Chinese.

So, don’t call her a BLACK person, and don’t call me a WHITE person.

She is AFRICAN American and I am just plain old AMERICAN. (with a European ancestry)


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