The verdict today…………..

July 5, 2011

The jury in Florida today found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her child.

I don’t agree. I think she did kill her daughter and I think everyone knows that.

As far as her parents go,  they lied too.  I’m sure it was to keep Casey off death row.

Casey’s behavior was odd to say the least.  What parent, when their child is missing for a MONTH, doesn’t alert the police or grandparents immediately if not sooner??  I know I panic when any of my children are out of my site for a few seconds. If any of my children were missing for a MONTH, I wouldn’t be out partying or getting tattoos.  Odd behavior.

Then lying about everything she lied about. And her parents. They are odd too. I don’t know quite what to make of them.

I predict, with regards to Casey:

*she will write a book and have a movie made

*we will never know what happened to Caylee

*we will continue to hear about Casey in the news.

*her life will become a trainwreck

*she will continue to party

*she will get a tatoo in remembrance of her daughter

*she will get pregnant again and something may or may not happen to that baby. Unless she voluntarily gets sterilized. Because deep down, I don’t think she wants more children.

*she may meet a tragic end. Either via drugs/drinking/accident or someone decides to knock her off.

Of course she could quietly fade away and we may not hear anything more about her.


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